AFRICA RISING - It is the dawn of a new day in Africa. This is a wonderful time of day, full of unlimited possibilities as we awake refreshed, rejuvenated and excited about the things that we are determined to accomplish.

nairobiWe prepare for this to be a great day, refresh our bodies, put on our best face and step out into the world. The air is alive and sparkling with the sound of an orchestra of songbirds celebrating this sunrise and the many opportunities that the dawning of this new day heralds. The Sun is Rising in the East and for a growing number of capital investors around the world the most exciting light rising in the world today is Africa.

The future belongs to those who best invest their resources in their own visions of sustainable development. For many Africans raised throughout the Diaspora of the West, The Sun is Rising in the East.

Six critical books on Pan African economic development by Keidi Awadu
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Newly added DVD: THE END OF MAAFA: A Futurist Perspective on Pan African Economic Development

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