sunr_sWe are a collective of Africans from around the world whose primary focus has been on Pan African trade and economic development.

The future belongs to those who best invest their resources toward their own visions of sustainable development. For many Africans raised throughout the Diaspora of the West, The Sun is Rising in the East.

For people of African lineage around the world this sunrise ushers in an era of potential economic empowerment to rival or exceed any such period affecting the destiny of a civilization in world history. With the pace of communications, technological innovation and economic development moving at the fastest rate ever, we now have the potential to develop access to natural resources, engineering skills, human capital and strategic planning at unprecedented scale. There are over a billion African people scattered all over the planet and our continental homeland contains the greatest untapped natural resources of the whole planet. This is a time of great excitement over what this combination of elements means for our global vision of empowerment.

We have seen some of our willing trade partners, such as China, Brazil, India, Korea and others move from under the heels of colonial domination to the front line of economic and industrial competitiveness against their former imperialist masters. These nations have now become masters of their own human potential, development resources and political capital. They are investing this capacity in massive quantity toward a future which they deem critical for their survival. Now it is our turn as one billion Africans to look inward toward our own immense resourcefulness and to initiate a volcanic eruption of our own self-determination.