Topics related to Pan African global development are too often misunderstood by various audience for a number of reasons. Much of the information that is promoted within mainstream, corporate media portrays the African nations as backward, disproportionately corrupt and miserable places where no sane person would want to live. We have a completely different perspective to share.

The Africa that we know is a vibrant, rich and resourceful continent of 54 nations, each with their own challenges, opportunities and unique combination of natural resources and dynamic human capital. We also know that development rates across the continent are near the top in key strategic areas of growth and expansion in the world.

Our mission at Africa Destiny is to begin to correct as much as possible this great distortion of what is happening in Africa and to convince many members of the African Diaspora that our fate is inextricably tied to this growth, development and sustainability of our Mother Continent. We want our people to consider regular travel to the continent for both recreation as well as seeking opportunity for entrepreneurial expansion and wealth development.

It is our firm belief that the same African continental resources that became the bedrock of wealth and power for the last 500 years, will continue to be the best basis for wealth development for centuries to come. Further, we are committed to the position that this wealth should be primarily for the benefit of African children, families, nations and the global African population.

We have a lot of work to do. Let us commence with this wonderful journey by first making sure that we really do know what is happening across the continent and how it is directly related to our own personal goals for our complete expression as humans on this lovely planet Earth.


Photos from our trip to Kenya July 2014 with The Africa Trade Link and Expo. Visit their website.