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The Blackest Soil Book On the first day of Spring 2020 I will be publishing my 35th book, THE BLACKEST SOIL: Africa Can Feed the World (A Scientific Roadmap to Agricultural Preeminence for the 21st Century). Today I am beginning pre-sale of the new book in order to raise the capital necessary to finish this momentous project. I KNOW that Africa can feed itself within this decade and develop the capacity to feed clean, safe food to everyone on the planet by 2050. I'm writing the master plan to accomplish just that! It has strategies for everyone to cooperate and collaborate. Click here to order your pre-sale copy of THE BLACKEST SOIL and get $45 in bonus materials for your early investment.

sunrise Industrial Hemp Uses and Opportunities - There is a long record of use of industrial hemp in American and World history. From ancient roots in Egypt and China, to the founding of the United States of America, we have found a long history of industrial hemp applications. Some of the most significant developments in history have had access to hemp products at their core. Yet, there came an era of political intervention where well-crafted anti-marijuana propaganda blurred the distinction between hemp for industry and the psycho-active component in marijuana. All cannabis was demonized by powerful industrial barons with financial self-interest in blocking expanded use of legal hemp. Currently, because of a triple-benefit to society in economics, nutrition and sustainable development, we are witnessing the crumbling of hemp prohibition. Click the button to order the paperback edition. (CRP-IH2019-Hemp-Print)

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sunrise The Repairing (Print and EBook)- Within this master blueprint for current and future Reparation, we can assure that our prosperity will expand without limitation. We can create more balanced and harmonic relations within family and community, help our people overcome habits which have led too many of us into chronic poverty, illness and injustice. This plan will further our sense of pride and direct investment in the economic fate of our African homeland, causing Pan African engagement to increase immensely. We will gift all black children with a future society will more prosperous than that into which they were born. This is my lifetime tour-de-force. Now we can say with pride, we do have a great plan and it will work. Print edition $17.99 & postage
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FutureNomics Book

FUTURENOMIC$: Positioning Your Enterprise to Win in the New Global Economy - In combining future studies with economics, we've created a system of predicting major trends that will disrupt social, political, and economic patterns for the next 35 years and beyond. Your business enterprise can be beneficiary of these future pathways by being aware in advance of how the global economy is changing and will embrace new business models as it also pushes old models out of viability. The future belongs to those who are best prepared to create it today. Get FUTURENOMIC$ in print (CRP-FutNom-Pr1) for $17.99

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THE FUTURE OF FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND PAN AFRICAN ECONOMICS DVD - Presented in Atlanta at Tassili's Raw Reality, this is a very comprehensive discourse on the history and value of black agricultural labor and wisdom and how it has served as basis for the economic development of great civilations from past to present. We firmly move our conversation away from themes of "scarcity" to a powerful understanding of the "abundance" which is in our hands. (LIBDVD216) Purchase the DVD for $19, ($15 plus $4 for shipping)

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KUJICHAGULIA VILLAGES: A PRACTICAL PLAN DVD - In this 1-hour report, we develop strategy to access large tracts of black-owned rural lands and transform them into learning academies and vocational training in a spectrum of skills required to rebuild our national economy. Our work began in 2008 and encorporates hundreds of acres where we have completed numerous valuable projects. This is the future for our domestic and Pan African communities to engagetoday. (LIBDVD215)
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ebola EBOLA, AMERICA AND THE GRAND CHESSBOARD DVD - This groundbreaking presentation from the African Restoration Project Long Beach workshop exposes the gross disinformation being spread about west African nations and the so-called "Ebola virus." After debunking the myths, we examine the real agenda behind the hysteria and how there is a new Scramble for Africa taking place. Real solutions are readily at hand and we must begin to act now to implement them.(LIBDVD214)
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PARADIGM SHIFT: Laying Foundation for a New Era of Pan African Achievement DVD- This workshop demonstrates with evidence that the basis of civilization as well as America's rise to superpower status was achieved through high-quality, low-cost labor from Black workers along with sigificant scientific genius. We then explore the means by which this valuable resource can be practically recaptured and applied toward creating an even greater empire on African soils. (LIBDVD213)
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scramble A NEW SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA - In this short-form documentary, Keidi Awadu explains how powerful entities from the east and west are making their moves to access various aspects of a rapidly expanding African economic future. The conversation also focuses closely on the three top priorities of American businesses and government agencies and the ruthless lengths they will go to secure their objectives. The good news is that Diaspira Africans could enjoy a distinct advantage in the end. (LIBDVD212)
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sunrise The Sun Rises in the East - Pan African Economic Development - For a growing number of capital investors around the world the most exciting light rising in the world today is Africa, and we've got the facts on this rise. - (Instant download via eBook) CRP-V8N2

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road2power The Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order - This classic research by Keidi Obi Awadu lays out a comprehensive plan to create a dynamic global movement to empower African people. Much background is shared to demonstrate a proper foundation for our construction. The plans are detailed, timely and technically savvy. The outlook is optimistic and realistically self critical. This is a Master Plan that has proven to embolden and empower all who would commit to carrying out such strategies.-

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Kujichagulia Villages
KUJICHAGULIA VILLAGES 2017: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination - By Keidi Awadu / This newly updated edition of the long-running cutting edge research series explores the many ways in which African people within the U.S. and other Diaspora cities are failing to secure a spectrum of critical needs for sustainability: clean water, wholesome food, sustainable economics, secuirty, education and optimal health.  After careful and thorough examination of the problems we herein present a broad set of practical solutions.  We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources.   Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril.  Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.  CRPV7N2, $10.00

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conspiracies CONSPIRACIES & HIGH CRIMES - Are secret societies and government agencies quietly manipulating circumstances behind the scenes and damaging the self-interests of those not involved in the plotting? Damn right these conspiracies are real: Are Blacks More Succeptable to Conspiracy Theories?; COINTELPRO Then and Now; Secret Societies & Ceremonial Magic; EBOLA: Virus or Mycotoxin Warfare; The Conspiracy to Derail Black Motherhood; and more. Print version CRP V5N4 $10.00

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