SWF_STo engage this endeavor, we need to raise money...we need to spend money. Because this website even exists, you are aware that we are already spending money. If you and I are to be taken seriously in competing for the destiny of our beloved Mother Continent Africa, then we have got to be prepared to invest our own money toward distant, and not always guaranteed goals.

We must make our investments fearlessly because we have done our research, done our analysisi and realize that we can expect reasonable return on our investments. I am asking that you invest a small sum on a regular basis as well as convince others to join you and myself in this investment. Africa Destiny will be updated regularly, based in small part on the rate at which people invest in this particular forum.

Once we have established enough momentum then it will be OUR work, OUR development strategies and OUR visions for Africa that the world will have to respond to. We are no long victims of imperialist exploitation. We are co-partners in the future development across the African continent. to do so, we have got to invest and we must invest not only wisely but without hesitation.

sunrise_SYou can contribute by purchasing copies of our research reports. Here is the link to purchase THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST: African Growth and Development for the 21st Century.

Use the followiing link to become one of our Subscribing Supporters. You will be charged $10 per month and will get access to research reports, conference invitations, discounts on products as well as the knowledge that you are contributing to something that can change the destiny of our African Mother Contintnet. We need maximum participation in this subscribers support network.


Join us for one of our upcoming journeys to Africa to engage in trade and investment. Become a member of the Africa Trade Link and Expo (visit the group online)